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Some Things A Hug is Better Than Sex

Sometimes a hug becomes a powerful solution to solve a problem. Then why so many couples are still reluctant to do so?

Benefits hugs greater than sex, but many couples who shrugged. Besides being able to create physical closeness, the arms also can strengthen the emotional connection with one another.

A relationship expert says, when you hug someone special in your life, the heart will beat more stable and there will be warmth felt in the body.

Here are some advantages hugs than sex that you should know, as written Boldsky, reported on Wednesday (Feb 3rd, 2016).

1. More romantic relationship

Hugs are routinely performed each night by the couple will make the relationship more intimate and romantic. In addition hug can also keep feeling despondent.

2. Streamlining communication
Feeling nervous to talk to the couple when he was not in the mood? Hugs can be a solution. Hugs is a non-verbal communication tool that can help each partner to create warm communication.

3. Bring Warmth

A hug a day will provide warmth in pair throughout the day.

4. Mute Stress

Hugs can be a stress reducer most powerful tool that can be done anywhere and anytime. By embracing the stress hormone cortisol produced by the body decreases.

5. Increase The Hormone Oxytocin

When we embrace someone, oxytocin, known as the love hormone released in the body, thus making you or your partner feel warm.

6. Lowering High Blood Pressure

The hormone oxytocin not only make you feel good-but also nourish your physique. Signals touch then sent to the parts of the brain that is responsible for lowering blood pressure.

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