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VirtuaDolls, Intimate In Game Not Just a Dream

Virtuadolls ready for release on the market (source:Inverse)
Oculus Rift is a Virtual Reality (VR) headset that will change the gaming industry. But not a few people who think that the next generation of VR will revolutionize how we live our everyday life, including sex.

A company called Eos Interactive, is developing a video game controller (games) that allows gamers to enter male genitals to the controller named Virtuadolls.

Reported Inverse, Friday (02/13/2016), Virtualdolls is funding the project through Indiegogo. Virtuadolls compatible only with video games, Girls Of Arcadia.

Currently, Virtuadolls already raising approximately US$ 27,000 in just five days, with one more month until it reaches the target of US$ 50,000.

In terms of form, these games controller looks like a flashlight. In order to move the games, this controller will synchronize the movement of players so as to make the experience more natural and real.

As featured in the video below, inside the controller will have six choices texture made of silicon in order to provide a more realistic sensation.

Packages are offered in Indiegogo project includes a controller, a copy games Girls of Arcadia, and gloves controllers.

In the Girls of Arcadia, you have to beat some mythical monster to claim your prize, which is of course the chance to have sex with a beautiful girl that you saved. Gim also offers simulation mode as an option.

Eos Creative Virtuadolls as the creator promises that this controller is successful, they will continue with the same project, but is aimed at women gamers.

Source : Techno Liputan6
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