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Tricks Eliminate Odor in Jeans

Tricks Eliminate Odor in Jeans - The refrigerator is not only used as a storage of vegetables, fruits, and all food not be eaten. Jeans or denim can also be put in the refrigerator, in order to maintain its original form. This is the advice given directly experts in Levi's jeans.

According to them, after being stored in the refrigerator for several days, the jeans will feel like new again when worn. Size from top to bottom nothing has changed.

During testing, expert from Levi's jeans are no longer smell musty and cold temperatures seem to have killed a lot of bacteria that breed in jeans.

"It's not 100 percent. Because once we put it on again, the bacteria will appear again," said VP of Women's Design Jill Guenza quoted from Elle's website on Friday (02/12/2016).

The best way to eliminate all bacteria in jeans is by washing. However, washing the jeans too often also affect the size menyusutlnya jeans and zoom a lot has changed. While storing in the refrigerator, it will not change a lot to see the favorite denim pants.

How to keep it fairly simple. Make sure the first part of the refrigerator to be used as a place to store denim pants "net" of food daily. Put a pair of jeans into the plastic, cover tightly, making sure the outside air does not enter, only then put it in the refrigerator. Keep two to four days and feel the difference.

Source : Health Liputan6
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