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Some Tips to Improve Your Brain Capabilities

As the body needs exercise to be fit, the brain also needs exercise to keep the memories remain sharp. Well while we're weekend, do some brain exercise that takes a short time.

Following brain exercises designed to train different aspects of cognitive function. Perform the following brain exercises several times a week and you could see an increase in the brain's ability to survive as quoted by page Reader's Digest, on Friday (02/19/2016).

1. Exercise alphabet
Change the alphabet A - Z into numbers 1-26. Then write a word, then total amount. For example: WORD ie 11 + 1 + 20 + 1 = 33.

2. Given the phone bill transaction
Let me see your phone transactions last month, if no view your internet banking transactions. Try to remember back every transaction you make.

3. Remember the name of the teacher and a high school friend
Try to remember the names of friends and teachers in the school. Then try to remember back what their characteristics. There will be many surprises memories as you remember it.

4. Read the upside
While reading a book or newspaper, read from the first word to the last word. Then, see how much effort to understand the meaning of the news.

5. Test the word
Challenge yourself to write the word with a particular alphabet in two minutes. For example the letter T, there are any words.
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