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REVEALED, America Preparing "Nitro Zeus" To Attack Iran

United States turned out never made big plans to launch cyber attacks against Iran, if diplomacy have failed in curbing the nuclear program, Middle Eastern countries.

This was revealed by a statement the US military and intelligence in a documentary that will be aired, as Reuters on Thursday (02/18/2016).

Codenamed "Zeus Nitro" cyber attack plan formulated in the early days of the administration of President Barack Obama is designed to knock out Iranian air defenses, following communication systems and part of the power grid.

Nitro Zeus but nevertheless executed after the nuclear deal was reached last year.

Pentagon cyber attacks mentioned design a plan that President Obama had no alternative other than open war, if Iran turns to move against the US or its allies in the Middle East.

Nitro Zeus is said to involve thousands of US military personnel and intelligence. Funds amounting to tens of millions of dollars are also prepared to plant the device in a computer network elektronk Iran, in order to "prepare the battlefield".

Separately, US intelligence also develop plans for another cyber attack designed to cripple the Fordo nuclear enrichment facility in the mountains near the Iranian city of Qom.

Nitro existence of Zeus to be one of the topics raised in the documentary titled "Zero Days" which will be screened at the Berlin Film Festival, today.

The movie depicts the tensions between Iran and western countries before reaching agreement nuclear issue.

Source : Kompas Techno
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