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Knowing How Severe Disease Mucus Nose Through Color

You're sick, allergies or perhaps flu. As a result, the nose becomes clogged due to obstructed mucus or snot. Perhaps, you assume that you are experiencing health problems, mild. Alternatively, there may also consider the weight, because the mucus that makes breathing difficult.

Did you know that you can predict how severe the pain you experience with seeing the color of the mucus?

According to Roshini Rajapaksa, MD, assistant professor of medicine at NYU School of Medicin, the color of the mucus in the nose or throat that comes out of your show how hard working immune system to ward off infections, either because the bacteria or virus.

Normally, mucus is composed of mostly water, protein, antibody, and soluble salt. The function of this mucus is keeping your nose to keep from becoming too dry and to protect your lungs from dust, allergens, bacteria, viruses and other intruders.

In fact, when we are healthy, we still have mucus in the respiratory tract. It's just that we do not really notice and usually just swallow it.

Mucus in greater numbers, thicker and darker in color, could be a sign you have allergies. When you are infected with the bacteria, mucus turns crisp and the colors will change in line with the berkembanya infection.

At first, the color will turn white and thickened, as a sign that the network in your nose swollen and inflamed.

Then yellow or green indicates that your immune system was fighting and had to recruit white blood cells more to fight germs. White blood cells contain enzymes that change the color of the mucus.

If your nose is blocked, because the yellow or green mucus for a few days, maybe that means you just have the flu (meaning you are infected with a virus). Typically, this mucus will last for 10 to 14 days.

Plenty of rest, drinking warm water and take medication type of decongestant, will help relieve flu symptoms.

If within two weeks of symptoms was not too lost even you got additional symptoms such as fever or nausea, you may be suffering from bacterial sinusitis or pneumonia.

Go see the doctor. Usually the doctor will prescribe antibiotics to speed up your health, in order to recover as usual.
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