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Easier Ways Women Get Climax! [21+]

This article is not recommended for you are still under the age 21 years!

Frustrating! That's the thing that comes to mind 67 percent of women who suffer from female orgasmic disorder (FOD) orgasmic disorder or disease according to the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Unfortunately it is difficult to reach a climax is not a new problem - or seldom - in women. However, this does not prevent drug companies to fund research to test drugs that can overcome this problem.

"Just like anything else, the drugs should be a last resort. You have to try other avenues first," says Ian Kerner, Ph.D., author of She Comes First.

Here are five ways to increase the likelihood of women to reach climax, as quoted from the Prevention, Friday (02/12/2016):

1. Take a position on her
Most women say they are more likely to reach orgasm if they are above.
"This position menstimulais clitoris and you also have the control to set the rhythm," said Dr. Kerner.

2. Stop thinking about work (or a child, or bills, and others)
If you can not relax, you likely will not reach climax. This is easier said than done. However, that does not mean you necessarily do not try to do it.
Begin by starting up the bed a half hour of your normal bedtime. This will make you more relaxed and not tired, making it easier to enjoy and dissolve in the atmosphere.

3. Get rid of distractions in the bedroom
It would be difficult to enjoy a fuck if your room has a double function as well as an office or dining room.
Try to make the room as "a sacred place" you and your partner. Room is not a place for pets to sleep, the room is not the place to put the computer desktop, and the room is not the place to watch your favorite series. Everything that can be transferred to a family room.

4. Look again at your heating
Daily activities can become another form of foreplay (heating). It could do with more ways to enjoy the presence of nonsexual activity partner or try new ones.
Both of these things will make you and your partner closer together. Emotional closeness will also make you both become more "connected" on the bed.

5. Could deeper penetration
You want to get a vaginal orgasm? Try this trick: put a pillow under your hips to allow your partner to enter more deeply.

Well worth a try!

Source : Health Liputan6
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