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BEWARE, Bacteria in the mouth Turns Can Trigger Stroke

Oral health should be maintained throughout the period since the bacteria on the teeth can trigger a stroke on the human body.

A study conducted by Robert P. Friedland, MD, the Mason C., Mary D. Rudd Endowed Chair and a professor of neurology at the University of Louisville School of Medicine, aims to improve understanding between the relationship of stroke due to the presence of oral bacteria in the mouth, cited from Science Daily, Saturday (Feb 20, 2016)

The authors hypothesize that the bacteria are likely to bind to the blood vessels, thus their high blood pressure that causes the arteries in the brain rupture or cause minor bleeding was also great.

"This study shows that oral health is important for the health of the human brain. It is important for dental care for the good of the brain and heart and their teeth," said Friedland.

"Related Research tested in our laboratory have shown that oral bacteria are involved - are also on the type of stroke, including brain hemorrhage and stroke that causes dementia," he added.

The researchers also evaluated using MRI as research subjects to see the presence of micro-brain bleeds (CMB), also a small brain hemorrhage that can lead to dementia.

In addition the bacteria that is found in about 10 percent of the general population is known to cause cavities or other tooth decay.

"We are investigating the role of oral bacteria and intestinal further. Even other diseases associated with neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, carried out with medical experts from the UK and Japan.", He concluded.
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