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Amazing, This Genre Can Relieve Painful Joints

Music also has the power of healing even in just a few hours.
Music is not just a stress reliever or mood plant. In a study conducted at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio, the music also has the power to heal even just a few hours.

As reported Onlymyhealth, Saturday (02/13/2016) Researchers found that people who listened to music for an hour a day for a week, reported a decrease in joint pain (around 20 percent), depression and disability compared with a group of people who do not listen to music.

Not only that, the study published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing is also noted, people who listen to classical music can relieve joint pain due to osteoarthritis. During the study session, people who listen to music are also comfortable and the heart beat slower.

"The brain reacts to music you listen to and stimulate areas of the brain that releases natural painkillers of the body. The area of ​​the brain called The Periaqueductal Gray (PAG) or the center of the brain that affect the opioid system of our own," says the researcher.

In addition, the music also stops a brain area called the amygdala, a function that brings negative emotions such as stress. Music distract you from pain without side effects.

In a study by Florida Atlantic University College of Nursing in Boca Raton, slow melodic music tends to have a therapeutic effect. Music therapist also found the breathing patterns into rhythm with the music, demkian also with a heartbeat so in tune with the tempo of the music. Those who listen to music when sick has about 70 beats per minute.

Source : Health Liputan6
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